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Statement from Manny Vilar, District 2 Suffolk County Legislative Candidate:

"In the midst of barbaric crimes against humanity, as our fellow humans are subjected to unspeakable horrors in Israel, my opponent remains eerily silent.

How can one stand by when women are being assaulted, when innocent lives are being taken, when the very fabric of a community is under siege?

This isn't just about politics; it's about the basic human decency to acknowledge pain and suffering.

I am deeply concerned and outraged by Ann Welker's lack of response. Her silence speaks volumes about her values and her alignment with groups such as the Democratic Socialists of America, the Working Families Party, and now, alarmingly, even Black Lives Matters, which has shown support for these terroristic acts. To ignore the plight of the Israelis is to silently condone these atrocities.

The attacks on humans MUST stop. We cannot and should not tolerate this. Silence in the face of such brutality is complicity. The residents of Suffolk County deserve leaders who will stand up against hate and violence in all its forms. We deserve representation that recognizes the sanctity of every human life.

I stand in unwavering solidarity with the people of Israel. I call upon Ann Welker to break her silence and denounce these heinous acts immediately. The people of Suffolk County are watching, waiting, and deserving of answers."

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