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Democrats’ Inflation Assault On Suffolk County

In recent times, the residents of Eastern Long Island have been grappling with the rising tide of inflation that has affected the entire nation. The cost of living has surged, and families across the region are feeling the pinch in their everyday expenses. Because of Democrat policies, inflation has negatively affected our community both locally and nationally.

Food and beverages, a fundamental part of every household's budget, have seen a noticeable increase of 7.7% on Long Island. However, the real concern arises when we examine the increase in fuels and utilities on Long Island, which have risen by a staggering 16.1% year over year, compared to the 11.1% nationwide average. This surge is primarily driven by a 20.9% rise in electricity costs, significantly higher than the 12.9% increase nationwide.

As your future Suffolk County legislator, I believe it's vital to address the economic challenges faced by our community. I firmly believe that the policies of both local and national Democrats have played a significant role in these inflationary pressures. It's time for us to work together to reduce the burden of inflation by cutting taxes, eliminating unnecessary fees, reducing waste, and eliminating political patronage.

One notable example of Democratic policy impacting our region is Governor Hochul's decision to increase the minimum wage again in New York. In the coming year, the minimum wage will rise by $1 to $16 for the city, Long Island, and Westchester, with it going up to $15 everywhere else in the state. While putting labor and hard workers first by increasing wages is commendable, it's essential to balance these increases by cutting excess costs, such as gas taxes, electric taxes, property taxes, red light camera fees, and business taxes.

Small businesses on the East End are struggling to survive, and they often face unfair competition from behemoths like Amazon. To level the playing field, we must work together to reduce the financial burden on our local businesses, which are the backbone of our community.

It's clear that inflation has had a significant impact on Eastern Long Island. As your future Suffolk County legislator, I am committed to working with town, state, federal, and legislative colleagues to address these issues and bring fiscal responsibility back to government on the East End. We must ensure that our community thrives, and that starts with a balanced approach to economic policies that benefit all residents.

Vote Row B or C this Election Day for The Romaine/Vilar Team to ensure that we can get the job done and safeguard residents from the burdens of inflation. I will be the voice for Eastern Long Island!

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Democrats' Inflation Assault on Suffolk County

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