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Statement from Manny Vilar, Candidate for Suffolk County Legislator, District 2:

"Another day has passed since the Hamas terrorists attacked and Ann Welker's silence continues to reverberate ominously throughout the communities and neighborhoods of the Second Legislative District.

Ann Welker’s silence demonstrates a harrowing lack of leadership and moral conviction amidst the unfolding atrocities abroad.

Our community is not only a collection of individuals but a woven tapestry of shared values, empathy, and united strength against violence and injustice. How can we stand idly by when our global neighbors are enveloped in terror and despair?

Recently, Nassau County, under the sturdy leadership of County Executive Bruce Blakeman and Nassau Commissioner of Police, Patrick Ryder, demonstrated what effective and compassionate governance looks like. Their statement ensured residents that while they stand as vigilant observers to the horrors unfolding overseas, they remain resolute protectors of their community’s safety and wellbeing at home. Their leadership not only illustrates empathy towards a global crisis but also embodies a commitment to domestic security and preparedness.

When Ed Romaine becomes the next Suffolk County Executive, we will have an opportune moment to model the considerate and strategic approach exhibited by Nassau County.

Together, we can forge a more efficient partnership, leveraging collective resources, intelligence, and capabilities to ensure that Suffolk County is not only safe but also stands as a pillar of moral support against global injustices.

Empathy, combined with robust safety and security measures, is paramount. The empathy we extend to our global neighbors today reflects the empathy we have for our local community members every day.

Empathy does not only manifest in words but through actions, policies, and the unwavering assurance that your leaders will stand boldly against violence and terror, wherever it may arise.

As your future legislator, I assure you of a leadership that intertwines empathy with action, moral clarity with decisiveness, and community safety with a stalwart stand against global atrocities.

Suffolk County will have a leader who will voice the pain and stand against the terror that afflicts innocent lives, be it in our neighborhood or across the oceans.

Ann Welker, your silence has spoken.

It's time to prioritize empathy, moral leadership, and strategic partnerships in safeguarding not only our community's physical safety but also its moral integrity.

Together, let’s build a future where our community is shielded from threats, where empathy translates into action, and where our global stands against injustice are firm and unyielding.

I am Manny Vilar, and I am ready to lead with empathy, action, and an unwavering commitment to you—our community."

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