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Safeguarding Suffolk County by Manny Vilar, Candidate for Suffolk County Legislator

As a retired law enforcement candidate, and I am here to shed light on a pressing issue that often goes unnoticed in the serene East End - crime. Our communities, our businesses, and most importantly, our children, are at risk. I believe it's time to address these concerns head-on, and I am committed to making Suffolk County safer. Allow me to share with you my vision for a secure and thriving Suffolk County.

The Impact of Suffolk County District Attorney Ray Tierney:

Suffolk County District Attorney Ray Tierney took office in 2022, and he has already left a significant mark on our community. He has successfully resolved high-profile cases, such as solving the Gilgo Beach murders by apprehending alleged murderer Rex Heuerman. Tierney's office also handled cases like the staggering $1 million theft from a Sag Harbor home and dismantling a theft ring responsible for stealing 48 luxury bags from an East Hampton store.

My Commitment to a Safer Suffolk County:

I recognize the urgency of addressing the drug epidemic and the rising crime rates that threaten our communities. I pledge to work tirelessly alongside law enforcement, Suffolk County District Attorney Ray Tierney, and our next County Executive, Ed Romaine, to locate drug dealers and criminals and fight fiercely against them. Our children's safety, the prosperity of our businesses, and the well-being of our communities are non-negotiable priorities for me.

The Wider Impact of Crime and Neglect:

When crime goes unchecked and government agencies fail in their responsibilities, our community suffers profoundly. There are physical and psychological hardships endured by crime victims and their families, as well as long-term financial consequences. Victimization leads to lost productivity, reduced wages, and a diminished quality of life. I understand that tackling crime isn't just about enforcing the law; it's about safeguarding the prosperity and well-being of our community.

My Pledge to Combat Crime

The East End of Suffolk County is facing a growing wave of crime and the devastating impact of the opioid crisis. Strong leadership and an unwavering commitment to public safety are desperately needed. I, Manny Vilar, with my extensive law enforcement experience, am the leader Suffolk County needs. As your Suffolk County Legislator, I will lead the way towards a safer, more secure future where crime and its devastating consequences no longer go unnoticed. Together, we will ensure that Suffolk County remains a haven for its residents, and our children can thrive, free from the scourge of crime and drugs.

Conservative & Republican
Suffolk County District Attorney, Ray Tierney & Manny Vilar

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