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Manny Vilar Calls Out Opponent Ann Welker for DSA and WFP Support & Silence


Contact: Manny Vilar - 631.324.0528

Manny Vilar Denounces NYC DSA and Working Families Party Support for Hamas, Calls Out Opponent Ann Welker for Her Associations and Silence

East Hampton, NY – District 2 Suffolk County Legislative Candidate, Manny Vilar, publicly denounced the New York City Democratic Socialists of America (NYC DSA) for their recent show of support for the Hamas terrorists. Vilar, a staunch supporter for Israel and advocate for peace and democracy, also shed light on Ann Welker's alignment with groups backing these malicious organizations.

"We have watched Hamas terrorists injure and kill hundreds of innocent men, women, and children and shamelessly parade these victims through the streets, showing not a hint of remorse for their grotesque actions. Every human being with a shred of morality and decency is recoiling from these sights," said Manny Vilar. "Yet the New York City Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) held a rally over the weekend to support these terrorists."

Acknowledging the complex situation, Vilar pointed out that on October 7th, 2023, The Working Families Party tweeted "Palestinian civilians in Gaza have been subjected to a siege by the Israeli government for well over a decade, and are now facing ongoing bombardment and escalated attacks. Every innocent life lost, regardless of nationality or faith, is a tragedy."

Drawing attention to other associations of his opponent, Vilar highlighted, "The Working Families Party also supports Ann Welker. Their recent tweet is nothing less than a backhanded statement in support of the Hamas terrorists that attacked Israel. In addition to being anti-police, anti-victim, and pro-criminal, we can now add 'supporter of terrorists' to the description of the Working Families Party."

"Furthermore, we are now three days after this horrific attack and Ann Welker has yet to make a statement denouncing these attacks. I am deeply upset and concerned that she is displaying an utter lack of leadership, unity, and support that not only Israel needs but our community as well," Vilar expressed.

Vilar, who was on the front lines of the horrific September 11th attacks, as a Senior Sergeant in the NYS Park Police, when our own country was blindsided by terrorists, voiced his deep concern about the growing support for such terror organizations.

"The audacity of Hamas to exploit the agony of innocent lives for their own propaganda is a blatant showcase of their heinous motives. And for any group or individual in our country to support such cruelty is a slap in the face to our values. The actions of the NYC DSA and the Working Families Party this past weekend are inexcusable and should be vehemently condemned by every New Yorker who stands for peace and humanity," Vilar added.

Highlighting his commitment to the U.S. allies and his fight against terrorism, Vilar said, "It's beyond comprehension how any group can align themselves with terrorists like Hamas, who have committed unspeakable atrocities. Our unwavering support for Israel is based on shared values, democracy, and a commitment to peace. The actions of the NYC DSA and the Working Families Party in this matter are not just a betrayal to the people of New York but to all those who stand against terror and for the sanctity of every human life."

Vilar remains steadfast in his mission to champion the values of peace, democracy, and morality and urges the residents of District 2 Suffolk County to stand with him in condemning the actions of groups supporting terror.

For more information, please contact: • (631) 324-0528 •


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